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Faculty and Staff

Department of Fine Arts

1000 ASU Dr. #29
Alcorn State, MS 39096
Phone: 601-877-6261
Fax: 601-877-6262

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Dr. Sean Daniels
Chair/Associate Professor
Room: FAB-106/309
Phone: 601-877-3962
Email: sedaniels@alcorn.edu

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Johnny Allen
Assistant Professor of Speech & Theatre
Room: FAB-203
Phone: 601-877-627*
Email: jallen@alcorn.edu

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Tony Gordon
Assistant Professor/University Organist
Room: FAB-303
Phone: 601-877-6376
Email: tgordon@alcorn.edu

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Dwayne Griffin
Instructor of Music
Room: FAB-306
Phone: 601-877-6603
Email: dgriffin@alcorn.edu

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Melton R. Harvey II
Assistant Director of Bands/Instructor
Room: FAB-Band Hall
Phone: 601-877-6265
Email: mharvey@alcorn.edu

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Byron Johnson
Associate Professor
Room: FAB-307
Phone: 601-877-6267
Email: bjohnson@alcorn.edu

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Everson Martin
Assistant Professor/Director of Band
Room: FAB-403
Phone: 601-877-6266
Email: ecmartin@alcorn.edu

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Linda McDonald
Administrative Assistant
Room: FAB-101
Phone: 601-877-6261
Email: lindasm@alcorn.edu

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David Miller
Professor of Music
Room: FAB-312
Phone: 601-877-6602
Email: millerd@alcorn.edu

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Renardo Murray
Associate Professor
Phone: 601-877-6263
Room: FAB-310
Email: rmurray@alcorn.edu

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No image available for Jacinta Turner, Librarian/Equipment Manager-- graphic of Alcorn 'A' logo

Jacinta Turner
Librarian/Equipment Manager
Phone: 601-877-6269
Room: FAB-201
Email: jacinta@alcorn.edu