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Message from the Dean

We are the Alcorn School of Business, a family of brave, imaginative, and impact oriented people!

The pace of business transformation, both nationally and globally, creates an unprecedented demand for well- prepared business school graduates. The competition among employers for highly skilled graduates is intense and increasing. However, business employers demand a wider range of knowledge, skills and abilities from today’s graduates. Employers expect today’s business school graduates to make immediate and valuable contributions to their companies. In addition to technical competence in the traditional areas of business, students today must possess leadership ability, the ability to work in and lead multi-functional teams, high-level oral and written communication proficiency, and a high level of competence in a broad range of information technology skills.

As you might know, learning business is about mastering the art and science of value creation. We in the Alcorn School of Business believe that economic value should add and not deplete other kinds of values, such as the value of an enterprise to the nature and to the society. We are committed to developing ethically prudent and technically competent future managers who will make decisions and lead changes that harmonize economic competitiveness and ecological sustainability. We will inculcate in you entrepreneurial and leadership mindsets, alongside developing you as successful managers. The education that you get from us will enable you to think globally and act locally.

We envision a reputation of excellence developed through quality academic programs and a curriculum designed to allow students to select a series of courses and curriculum pursuant to their interest. The Bachelor's program provides students the opportunity to work with a faculty advisor to design a custom curriculum parallel to the student’s career aspirations and goals. It prepares graduates to enter the fast paced, technology-driven workplace at the appropriate level of competency, responsibility, and compensation, or to continue their education in graduate or professional school. The breadth of business electives in the curriculum allows students wide latitude in customizing a business degree tailored to meet their specific career goals and objectives.

Early meaningful contact between the students and School of Business faculty is an important element of timely graduation and career goal fulfillment. The School of Business faculty will strive to deliver a quality learning experience that allows students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds to acquire the ethical and business skills and knowledge essential to succeed in a global market. The nucleus for this learning environment is small class sizes, qualified faculty, and innovative teaching methodologies and technology.

Our Graduate business programs are offered online and at the Natchez campus in a state-of-the art building. Nationally recognized faculty guide graduate students through a program with a core and customized by a significant number of business electives that allow students adequate time to explore their area(s) of interest. Students learn in an environment of scholarship, ethical consciousness, and global insight.

We are here to serve our communities in other ways as well. Learn about our Management Development Programs and let us know how we can be of help.

We take pride in each of you, come and be a part of our learning community!

Dr. Babu George
Interim Dean, Chair, and Professor
ASU School of Business
Telephone: (601) 877-2422
Email: bgeorge@alcorn.edu