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Graduate Council

The Graduate Council is responsible for development and approval of policies affecting the total operation of graduate programs and the academic experiences of perspective and currently enrolled students. The Council is composed of the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Graduate Studies and a faculty member from each degree program which offers courses at the graduate level. The Graduate Council meets twice a year to review and develop policies and procedures and to execute other functions or responsibilities.

The Graduate Council is charged with the following specific responsibilities:

  1. Determine policies of admission, retention, and re-admission to the Graduate School and all other policies related to the conduct and standards of the graduate program;
  2. Approve and improve graduate curricula and programs submitted to the Council from the various departments;
  3. Recommend policies related to curricular structure, academic standards, examinations, requirements for all degrees, etc.; and
  4. Hear all appeals from students and faculty members concerning policies that apply to them

Minutes from each meeting are available according to meeting dates of this committee.

Graduate Faculty Members
Roster of official Graduate Council Members.

Graduate faculty Membership
Listing of approved faculty for membership as Full Member, Associate Member, and Professional Affiliate. The duration of full membership is five years, associate membership is three years, and professional affiliate is for a period of one year.

Graduate Faculty Selection
The Graduate Council has established guidelines that govern application for membership of faculty members desirous of seeking membership as graduate faculty. Membership allows faculty to teach graduate courses, serve on thesis and research project committees, serve as designated alternate members on the council in the absence the official council representative.

Graduate Faculty Membership Application
Faculty recommended by their department for graduate faculty membership are required to complete an application that must be submitted to the council for review and approval. A Curriculum Vitae must be attached to this application.