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Technical Services

Technical Services Department is consists of 3 units: Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Serials, which are responsible for obtaining, and processing all books and other resources of the library. These units work in a secure area behind the scenes to perform a multitude of essential functions that are vital to the overall operations of the Library.

Catalog Department Mission

To support the mission of the university, its students, faculty, staff and the community in its entirety. The Catalog Department is responsible for efficiently, cataloging, organizing, and maintaining the collections and online public access catalog, OPAC which support the curriculum and academic research of the university.

About the Catalog Unit

The University Libraries Cataloging unit centrally manages cataloging activities for an additional two branches of the university and all collections. The unit fosters a strong service alignment, providing timely and accurate access to library resources in all formats. The unit currently consists of one catalog librarian and two paraprofessional cataloging technicians. They perform various functions in cataloging, incorporating best practice in copy and edit cataloging for all formats, bibliographic control, and database management, monitoring and updating database information.