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https://goo.gl/OKgTqd If you find it necessary to leave the University, you must complete a withdrawal form which can be obtained from the Office of Counseling and Testing.

Withdrawing from the University means you are no longer enrolled in any courses for the remainder of the term. You do not have to reapply for admission if you return the next term.

If you are registered for only one course and wish to drop it, you are actually withdrawing from the university for the remainder of the term and must complete a withdrawal form instead of a drop/add form.

Whatever you do, do not just leave the University or stop attending class without completing the proper procedures to protect the integrity of your academic record. NOTE: Deadline dates for dropping courses are printed in the academic calendar.

You are not automatically dropped or withdrawn from the institution. You must complete the proper forms to make sure your academic record reflects the correct action.

Procedures for Officially Withdrawing

Counseling and Testing

Student initiates process by completing and submitting Withdrawal Form

Staff sends form to Financial Aid

Staff sends daily withdrawal report via email


Picks up Clearance Form from Student Affairs and gains signatures from various departments

Copies of the form are distributed to offices upon final signature from Business Affairs

Must attend Exit Counseling Session in Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Distributes copies of Clearance Form to the following departments:

White – Counseling and Testing

Green – Office of Student Records

Gold – Financial Aid

Pink – Business Affairs

Canary – Housing

Office of Student Records

Upon receipt of the Clearance Form, staff officially withdraws student with the effective date listed on the form

Business Affairs

Based on the effective date, student may receive full reimbursement or a prorated amount for tuition and housing. Otherwise, the student will be responsible for all fees. Listed below are the withdrawal/drop refund percentages:

Fall/Spring Terms
Prior to 1st day of class100%
1st day of class
2nd day thru 2nd week of class80%
2nd thru 4th week of class60%
4th thru 6th week of class40%
After six weeks0%

Summer Terms
Prior to 1st day of class100%
1st day of class
2nd thru 5th day of class80%
6th thru 9th day of class60%
10th thru 13th day of class40%
After 13th day0%

"Dropping" a class means you want to withdraw from that particular course only. "Withdrawing" means you want to leave the University before the end of a semester and will not be enrolled in any courses for the remainder of the term.

Dropping a Class

You have completed registration, paid the required fees, and now want to drop a course.

This procedure must take place before the published deadline in order for no academic penalty to occur.

After the Last Day to Drop Without Academic Penalty you must have permission. Meet with course instructor. (If the instructor is not available see the chairperson). The instructor/chair will complete and submit the Registrar Request Form https://goo.gl/OKgTqd to drop student from the course. Thereafter, the Registrar will process the instructor's drop request promptly. Student should check schedule to confirm course is dropped.

Note: Deadline dates for dropping courses are printed in the Academic Calendar.