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Department of Agriculture

Welcome from the chairperson of the Department

Thank you for choosing the Department of Agriculture at Alcorn State University. I personally welcome you to the Department. The Department of Agriculture is dedicated to training students for successful careers in the Agriculture Sciences. The disciplines offered prepare students for private/public sectors careers as well as graduate and professional schools. The total aim is to equip the student with practical knowledge and skills based on theoretical and proven techniques. We have some of the best trained faculty who are experts in their field of teaching and research. Our students have great opportunity to get hands on training in various aspects of agriculture, animal husbandry and plant biotechnology. We have well established research infrastructure that give students the chance to work closely with researchers to gain invaluable research training. Our curricula provide a wide range of choices of courses that students need to prepare them as successful agricultural scientist/professional who can take up challenges of the 21st century. Great strides are taken to ensure that the programs offered are future oriented, yet applicable to the present. Once again, I welcome you to our program and wish you success!

Victor Njiti, PhD
Professor and Chairperson
Department of Agriculture

Today, agriculture and agribusiness are global industries requiring cutting-edge technologies, scientific knowledge, sound economic and business principles, and environmental management. Prepare for an agricultural career in government or the private sector with one of our three bachelor’s degree programs:

  • Agricultural Economics. Learn how to apply economic theory to real-life situations that affect how food is grown, bought, and sold. An international agriculture option is available.
    Agricultural Economics Brochure
  • Agribusiness Management. Study how the principles of economics, management, finance, and marketing come into play in modern agricultural businesses.
  • Agricultural Sciences. Choose your emphasis as you focus on the science behind agriculture: plant and soil science, animal science, forestry, general agriculture, agricultural education, veterinary science, or environmental science.

Continue your education with a master of science degree in agriculture, with an option to focus on agronomy, animal science, or agricultural economics. We also offer a master’s degree in secondary education with an agricultural education endorsement.

Department of Ag Brochure.PDF


  • Agricultural Economics
    • International Agriculture Option
  • Agribusiness Management
  • Agricultural Sciences
    • Plant and Soil Science Emphasis
    • Animal Science Emphasis
    • Forestry Emphasis
    • General Agriculture Emphasis
    • Agricultural Education Emphasis
    • Veterinary Science Emphasis
    • Environmental Science Emphasis


  • Agronomy Option
  • Animal Science Option (thesis track, only)
  • Agriculture – Agricultural Economics Option
  • Secondary Education – Agricultural Education Endorsement