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Department of Human Sciences

The Department of Human Sciences is a vibrant, interdisciplinary department where socially competent and bright students focus on today’s most critical issues facing human well-being and society-at-large. Our two degree programs, Child Development and Nutrition and Dietetics, prepare students for careers in education, social services, business, industry, law, health, and human services.

The mission of the department aligns with the land-grant mission of the university to prepare and empower students through effective teaching, intensive training, rigorous research, and expansive public service.

To achieve this mission the Department of Human Sciences will:

  • provide high-quality undergraduate programs in the Human Sciences and support disciplines, that will prepare students for leadership, scholarship, and services as well as ensure student success in graduate and professional schools;
  • support the land-grant function of the university in the areas of teaching, research, and extension services in meeting community needs and responding to demands of a democratic society;
  • provide comprehensive student services, such as advisement, counseling, tutoring, financial services, cultural activities, and instructional methodologies, in a safe, healthy environment conducive to personal, professional, and social development;
  • offer rigorous curricula and a broad range of programs that prepare students to compete professionally within the human sciences' field and contribute to society's well-being.

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