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The mission of the Office of Global Programs (OGP) at ASU is to facilitate sustainable global engagement of the university through infusion of up-to-date and relevant international content, activities, and knowledge that enhance the global competence of stakeholders.


The Office of Global Programs will facilitate technical assistance in developing countries and middle-income countries around the globe, enhance and build capacity for university involvement in international affairs, while providing students with unique and rewarding international experiences and general global understanding.


The Office of Global programs will pursue strategic objectives in fulfillment of five broad program goals:

Goal one: To facilitate sustainable global/international experiences for students, including semester-long study abroad, international internships, service learning, research abroad, language and cultural enrichment, short-term study tours (led by individual faculty or OGP).

Goal two: To facilitate the global engagement of the university in international development of low-income and middle-income countries.

Goal three: To facilitate the participation of ASU faculty and staff in exchange programs, research, and other international activities enhancing the collective global knowledge of the university community.

Goal four: To coordinate international student and visitor programs contributing to internationalization of the university community.

Goal five: To facilitate research and outreach activities to build international trade capacity for small farmers and rural agribusinesses; collaborate with agencies to generate and disseminate new knowledge in international trade policy analysis.