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Faculty and Staff

Dr. Sandra Barnes, Associate Professor of Chemistry/Chairperson

Dr. Sandra Barnes
Associate Professor of Chemistry/Chairperson
Room: MASC-215
Phone: (601) 877-6437
Email: sbarnes@alcorn.edu

No image available of Dr. Terrance Burks, Visiting Assistant Professor-- graphic of Alcorn "A" logo

Dr. Terrance Burks
Visiting Assistant Professor
Room: TBA
Phone: TBA
Email: tburkes@alcorn.edu

Mrs. Sonia Eley, Instructor of Chemistry

Mrs. Sonia Eley

Instructor of Chemistry
Room: MASC-218
Phone: (601) 877-6441
Email: eley@alcorn.edu

Dr. Stefan M. Cooper, Assistant Professor

Dr. Stefan M. Cooper
Assistant Professor
Room: MASC-231
Phone: (601) 877-6249
Email: smcooper@alcorn.edu

No image available of Ms. Maple Jones, Chemistry Secretary-- graphic of Alcorn "A" logo

Ms. Maple Jones
Chemistry Secretary
Room: MASC-215
Phone: (601) 877-6436
Email: mbjones@alcorn.edu

No image available of Dr. Yolanda Jones, Associate Professor of Chemistry--graphic of Alcorn "A" logo

Dr. Yolanda Jones

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Room: MASC-222
Phone: (601) 877-6439
Email: yjones@alcorn.edu

No image available for Mr. Nnamdi Okoli, Instructor-- graphic of Alcorn 'A' logo

r. Nnamdi Okoli
Room: MASC-230

Phone: (601) 877-6436
Email: nokoli@alcorn.edu

No image available for Dr. Thomas Ondera, Assistant Professor-- graphic of Alcorn 'A' logo

Dr. Thomas Ondera

Assistant Professor
Room: MASC-217

Phone: (601) 877-3987
Email: tondera@alcorn.edu

Dr. Herve Sanghapi, Assistant Professor of Physics

Dr. Herve Sanghapi

Assistant Professor of Physics
Room: MASC-204
Phone: (601) 877-6248

Email: hsanghapi@alcorn.edu

Dr. Anant Singh, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Anant Singh
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Room: MASC-201
Phone: (601) 877-6251
Email: asingh@alcorn.edu

No image available for Dr. Shawnta Woods-Chatman, Assistant Professor-- graphic of Alcorn 'A' logo

Dr. Shawnta Woods-Chatman

Assistant Professor
Room: MASC-220
Phone: (601) 877-6250
Email: swoods@alcorn.edu