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MS in Secondary Education with Endorsement in Mathematics

This major requires 12 credit hours of graduate courses in education and 21 credit hours of graduate courses in mathematics.

The Master of Science in Education degree in Secondary Education (with an endorsement in mathematics) is interdisciplinary. It is designed for teachers in elementary, junior and senior high schools and junior colleges who already possess educator license. The program aims at enhancing students’ professional knowledge and expertise in the field of Mathematics. Our main objective is to strengthen the attributes of a good teacher and to develop skill in oral and written communication of mathematics. Given below is the list of courses required for the degree.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of a MS degree program in Math Education at Alcorn State University, students will:

  1. Be able to understand abstract mathematical concepts.
  2. Demonstrate their teaching skills in mathematics.
  3. Be able to apply abstract mathematical concepts to solve problems.
  4. Be proficient in writing proofs of math theorems.
  5. Be able to apply technology in teaching.
  6. Demonstrate research capability in mathematics.
  7. Be able to write an exposition and exploratory paper.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge in elementary graph theory.