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Academic Advising

The Office of Academic Advising maintains an advising and tutoring staff along with a computer laboratory in order to provide academic support for students.
Students are assisted by professional advisors in the following ways:
  • understanding academic policies and regulations of the university;
  • exploring career and educational options;
  • identifying reasons and solutions for academic problems;
  • monitoring and evaluating educational progress; and
  • maintaining records of students' progress and transfer to major areas.

Academic Advisors

Location: All Advisors' office are in Lanier Hall on the 2nd Floor

Mr. Roy Burr | Rm. 221 | rburr@alcorn.edu | 601.877.4037
Department of Chemistry and Physics

School of Education and Psychology
*Department of Biological Sciences & School of Nursing (R, S, T U)

Ms. Addie Davis | Rm. 222 | adavis@alcorn.edu | 601.877.6686
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
School of Business
*Department of Biological Sciences & School of Nursing (B, K, M, N, O)

Mr. Roderick Martin | Rm. 219 | roderick@alcorn.edu | 601.877.3952
Department of Advanced Technologies
School of English, Languages, and Mass Communication
*Department of Biological Sciences & School of Nursing (C, D, G, I Q, V, X, Z)

Mr. Carolyn Smith | Rm. 220 | crsmith@alcorn.edu | 601.877.6223
Department of Agriculture
Department of Human Sciences
*Department of Biological Sciences & School of Nursing (H, J, W, Y)

Ms. Wanda Stanwood | Rm. 205| faye@alcorn.edu | 601.877.6687
Department of Fine Arts
Department of Social Sciences
Department of Social Work
*Department of Biological Sciences & School of Nursing (A, E, F, L, P)

NOTE: *Only students majoring in these disciplines will be advised according to their last name.
If your academic advisor is not available, you may consult with any other advisor.