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Exit Exams

The departmental exit examinations are given each Fall, Spring, and Summer session to graduating students. Below you will find the application for the Area and Core examination, examination flyers, and also study guides to prepare students for the examination of their choice.

Exam Applications

Area Examination (online)

Core Examination (online)

Psychology Exam (online)

Examination Schedules

Spring 2018 Core Exam Flyer.pdf

Spring 2018 Area Exam Flyer.pdf

Examination Study Materials

Area Comprehensive Exam Study Guide (Early Childhood Education).docx

Area Exam Elementary Education Study Guide updatee 3-4-201.docx

Area Exam General Studies Study Guide 3-4-2017.docx

Area Exam MAT Elementary & Secondary Ed Study Guide Updated 3-4-2017.docx

CORE Exam Study Guide updated 3/4/17.docx

CORE Exam (MAT-Elementary & Secondary Ed) updated 3-4-17.docx

Area Exam Special Education Study Guide.pdf

Exit Examinations Survey

Click here to complete the exit examination survey!